Paramotor R125

The Paramotor R125, with its strong power, its low weight and its modern clutch, is our "home star". The take off becomes easier and the fly comfortable and safe. It can fly pilots up to 90kg. We offer it in two different chassis. One made of aluminium and fiber, for pilots who like the high anchorage system, and one made of stainless steel, for pilots seeking sportive flying.


*Aluminium frame: 118.000baht (aprox. 3.800$ US)

*Stainless steel: 124.000baht (aprox. 4.000$ US)

*All paramotors come with 1 year guaranty, travel bag and wood propellar.

Technical Specifications

*  Thrust, autonomy and general perfomance depend greatly on the glider, the altitude and the pilot, so the data offered here must be taken as a reference data.