Adaptation paraglider to paramotor

In 3 or 4 days course you will learn to take off in a paramotor following a basic flight plan and land safely landing. We will teach you the technique required to execute these movements.
Most of the course is practical.
Course planning:
- Theoretical part (class will be taken before each exercise).
- Part of the paramotor.
- Safesty and air regulations.
- Learn to inflated the wing and control the engine.
- Approach with engine.
- Approach with engine off. 
- Landing with engine off (emergency landing).
Our work ethics, enthusiasm and love for this sport make our teaching satisfactory.
  • Adaptation paragliding to paramotor 15,000 baht. (aprox. 500 US $) This price is for pilots have more than 100h.
  • Paragliding pilots just finish the course o dont fly for more than 1 year. 20.000 baht
The price of the courses includes.
- All equipment necessary to fly: paragliding, harness, engine, helmet and radio.
- Recording the practices on video.
- Theoretical and practical.
- Teaching Material.
- Logbook.
- Course Certificate.
Paramotor School Thailand uses only the best engine and safest wings in the market.